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Celly RGB Ring Light


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Product Overview

The Celly RGB Ring Light consists of two parts: a tripod for desk and a ring with RGB LED light, equipped with a smartphone holder (maximum extension of 9cm).

It comes with a remote control positioned along the USB cable: through the remote control you can choose and change the light tone. It offers 3 levels of light tone and intensity, different color possibilities thanks to the integrated RGB lights, including blue, yellow, red and green, and multiple dynamic light modes.

The arm is flexible and the clamp can be swiveled in landscape or portrait mode, so you can choose the best angle for your smartphone.

The Celly RGB Ring Light has no additional battery. To use it, simply connect its USB connector cable to a power supply or connect it to a laptop.


Material: Plastic
Primary Color: Black
Height: 45cm
Width: 20cm
Length: 3cm
Weight: 220g