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Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth 48x48cm (Medium)


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Product Overview

There are times when you need some extra protection for your equipment, even if you transport it in your camera bag. A pouch can offer that extra protection, or you can wrap it in a cloth. Haida has created the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth for that.

The cloths are soft, scratch-resistant, dust and moisture resistant. It is possible to wash and iron the cloth if it becomes dirty.

As the name suggests, the Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth wraps and sticks to itself like MAGIC without the use of harsh velcro or sticky substances that can cause damage to your camera gear.

The Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth comes in three sizes. 36x36cm, 48x48cm, and 58x58cm, each accompanied with a small carabiner. The cloths are light blue-grey with a white silhouette of the Haida M10 filter holder. On one side you have the magic sticky side, and the other is made of soft Microfibre Chamois fabric.

  • Provides incredible high protection for any product
  • Dust-proof, Moisture-proof and Scratch-Resistant
  • Easy to wrap and carry around
  • High-quality material, Multi-Functional
  • No harsh velcro or sticky substances
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small (36x36cm) / Medium (48x48cm) / Large (58x58cm)