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Joby Gorillapod Focus Legs (New)


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Product Overview

The flexible tripod designed for professional camera rigs with large zoom lens and professional video cameras.


  • Fleixble, wrappable allow you to secure equipment weighing up to 5kg (11 lbs) to virtually any surface, enabling you to capture shots you never could before.
  • Machined aluminum sockets and high quality injection molded thermoplastic ensure snug joints that stay firm after lots of action
  • Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain
  • Attach the Focus directly to your camera, or for even more flexibility, use it with the JOBY Ballhead X (optional), which was designed specifically for the Focus.
  • An included 3/8" adapter screwallows you to mount both cameras and professional tripod heads.
  • over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360°.


Load capacity:   5kg (11 lbs)
Size:   29x9x9.2cm (11.4x3.6x3.6")
Weight:    500g
Connection:     Permanent universal 1/4" tripod screw and 3/8" adapter screw

Accessories:        Ballhead X







  • Machined aluminum with an anodized gunmetal finish
  • High quality Japanese ABS plastic
  • Durable German TPE grip rings
Camera screw:
  • Stainless steel