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Konica FT-1 Film Camera with AR 40mm F1.8 Lens Kit (Used)


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Product Overview

Konica FT-1 was one of the last SLRs in the Konica product line. FT-1 was an improvement on the earlier FS-1 with a different meter type, improved quality of electronics and a faster winder speed. Sadly today most of them are in non-working condition. If you find a working one, it is a excellent camera and quite amazing how small it is despite having a built-in motor drive.

Newly added features are the exposure compensation knob and a switch to toggle between continuous (up to 2 frames per second) and single shot exposures. Viewfinder is large and bright with a clear and accurate split-screen focus aid; ergonomics are great, the controls all being well-placed and easy to adjust.
Camera body FT-1 with the Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f1.8 pancake lens with the lens hood. 

In very good condition.