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Leica 24mm F3.8 Elmar-M Asph Lens (New)


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Product Overview

The compact, high performance wide-angle lens

This lens with its handy dimensions is distinguished by very high image quality and a very wide image angle - making it a particularly practical wide-angle lens. It is suitable for a very wide range of uses for everything from daytime reportage to landscape and travel photography. Even at the initial f-stop of 3.8, contrast and detail rendering are already excellent. At the medium f-stops, the depth of field is so large that it can even reproduce entire scenes in sharp focus. That makes it excellent for use in combination with the snapshot mode of the Leica M9.

Technical Data
• Angle of view (diagonal, horizontal, vertical): 84°, 74°, 53°
• Optical design
  Number of elements/groups: 8 / 6
  Focal length: 24.5 mm
  Position of entrance pupil: 18.7 mm (related to the first lens surface in light direction)
  Focusing range: 0.7 mm to infinity
• Distance setting
  Scale: combined meter / feet-increments
  Smallest object field: 615 x 922 mm
  Highest reproduction ratio: 1:25.6
• Aperture: Setting/Function: with click-stops, half values available, manual diaphragm
  Lowest value: f/16
• Bayonet: Leica M quick-change bayonet with 6-bit lens identification bar code for digital M models
• Filter (type): Non-rotating, female thread for filters E46
• Lens hood: male thread lens hood, screw-on type lens hood (supplied)
• Dimensions
  Length: 40.6 mm / 56.6 mm (without/with lens hood)
  Largest diameter: approx. 53mm
  Weight: approx. 260g

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