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Pre-owned Leica 'Leitz' Hektor 125mm F/2.5 Wetzlar with Lens Hood - Late Model


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Product Overview

This rare and vintage Leitz Hektor 125mm F2.5 lens made in Germany with serial number 1224104 is a late model (1959-1963) lens designed only to work with Visoflex. The metal lens hood has bayonet design which can be reversely stored.

Focal Length:   12.5cm (125mm)
Mount: Leica SM
Optical: 4 Elements
Min. Focusing Distance:  approx. 1.2m (4 ft)
Aperture Range:  F/2.5 -  F/22
Filter Attachment Size:  E58
Weight:  approx. 125g

In very good condition, with original hood and rear cap.