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SMDV HEX Diffuser Soft Box - Speedbox 60 cm (New)


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Product Overview

  • Diffuse Light from Speedlight Flash
  • Collapsible Yet Rigid Softbox
  • Quick Release Folding System
  • Included Speed Ring
  • Adjustable Speedlight Bracket
  • Easy Set Up & One Touch Collapse
  • Lightweight with Curved Grip
  • Cold Shoe, 5/8" and 1/4"-20 Mounts

The new SMDV's Diffuser-60 is a high-quality professional hexagonal softbox for off-camera flashes that creates a quality soft diffused light. Its patented folding system allows the box to be setup and taken down very quickly ... like folding an umbrella.


  • The softbox shell is made from a ripstop style nylon to minimize wear and tear. The inside of the softbox is silver coated to maximize reflection.
  • Ideal for professional photographers on the go.
  • High quality 60cm rigid hexagonal softbox diffuser.
  • Patented quick-release folding system for fast and convenient setup and enhanced portability.
  • Perfect companion for FlashQuick-2/ FlashWave-2/ FlashWave-III flash triggers.
  • Perfect for use with various portable flash systems.
  • Double diffusing panels. Removable internal baffle for the softbox helps reduce hotspots and softens the light even more.
  • The tilting bracket can be used as an umbrella mount for your camera flash.
  • High quality carrying bag with shoulder strap for a convenient storage and carry.

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