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"Voigtlander Nokton 75mm F/1.5 Aspherical Black Lens for Leica M Mount (New)


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Product Overview

A portrait-length prime with vintage style, the black Voigtlander Nokton 75mm f/1.5 Aspherical is a fast, compact M-mount lens characterized by its classic rendering. Its bright f/1.5 maximum aperture suits working in low-light conditions and also enables greater control over depth of field for isolating subjects using selective focus. The optical design includes three anomalous partial dispersion elements and one aspherical element, which help to deliver high color accuracy and sharpness by suppressing a variety of aberrations. Additionally, its manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 2.3' away, and the 12-blade diaphragm contributes to a pleasing bokeh quality.Three anomalous partial dispersion elements help to greatly reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations in order to realize high clarity and color accuracy.One aspherical element is incorporated at the rear of the seven elements in six groups construction and helps to limit spherical aberrations and distortions.Bright f/1.5 maximum aperture benefits working in available light conditions and also enables greater control over focus position for selective focus applications.Manual focus design enables a rangefinder coupled minimum focusing distance of 2.3'.Twelve-blade diaphragm contributes to a pleasing out-of-focus quality when working with shallow depth of field techniques.As part of Voigtlander's Vintage Line of lenses, this lens features a classic black finish to give it a classic appeal, reminiscent of historic Voigtlander lenses, that is well-matched to classic rangefinder camera designs.Included lens hood helps to prevent stray light from causing lens flare and ghosting when working in bright and backlit conditions.The Voigtlander Nokton Vintage Line 75mm f/1.5 Aspherical VM is the latest edition to Voigtlander's new Vintage Line series of lenses bringing classic styling to the latest optical designs.

Main Features:
● Classical 1950's exterior styling in black or chrome (silver) finish.
● Contemporary lens design for use with digital cameras.
● Manual focusing with minimum shooting distance 0.7 metres.
● Vented lens hood included
● Bayonet VM Mount.
● High precision rangefinder coupling mechanism.
● Image circle covers full frame sensors.

Main Specifications
- Focal Length 75mm
- Aperture Ratio 1: 1.5
- Minimum Aperture f/16
- Lens Configuration 6 Groups 7 Elements
- Angle of View 32.6 °
- Number of Diaphragm Blades 12 Sheets
- Shortest Shooting Distance 0.7m
- Range Meter Range∞ ~ 0.7 m (depending on camera)
- Maximum Diameter × Total Lengthφ 62.8 × 63.3mm
- Filter Size φ58mm
- Weight 350g
- Lens Hood Included