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Cokin P Series ND 0.6 Filter (2-Stop)


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Product Overview

  • 0.6 Solid Neutral Density Filter
  • 2-Stop Exposure Reduction
  • Increase Exposure Length
  • Compatible with Cokin P Holder
  • Optical Resin CR39 Filter

The Cokin P Series ND 0.6 Filter is a neutral density filter providing a 2-stop exposure reduction. This 0.6 density creates a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By increasing your aperture or slowing your exposure time, you can control depth of field and convey movement more easily. Neutral density filters do not affect the coloration of the image and are ideal for pairing with other filters.

Cokin filters are constructed from optical resin and are notably light in weight, have a high resistance to shocks and drops, and provide optimum light transmission for high image quality. This filter measures 3.3 x 3.3" / 84 x 84mm and is compatible with the Cokin P filter holder.


Filter Type Solid ND
Density 0.6 (2-Stop)
Rectangular Size 3.3 x 3.3" / 84 x 84 mm
Filter Holder System Compatibility Cokin P
Filter Material Resin